Ramón Fenoll Moreno

Many of you who have come this far are not by chance. It is your Spirit Guides who have guided you to me for a specific reason.

My story

I remember when when I was very little I saw strange shadows wandering around my house and how they constantly wanted to get my attention. When a loved one died, they almost always appeared to me. They moved things in my room, turned on the light on the bedside table, pulled my hands and feet… I was very small, I didn't know what they wanted. At the age of 7, the four Spirit Guides appeared to me who accompany, guide, protect and help me, in one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had. I was not a child like the others, I spent my time almost always alone, with my games, writing dreams and reading all those parapsychology books that I found on my way. Always kept a secret for fear of being rejected or considered crazy. At 18 years old, in full youthful effervescence, I separated myself from everything and went out to discover and experience the world and everything in it. I related to all kinds of people, I moved through all environments and I got to know everything that the night brings with it; until, after a great personal crisis, I got back on track and that's when I really knew the true purpose for which I had come here.
My name is Ramón and I am a psychic medium. Over the years I have helped thousands of people and have taught Spiritual Dowsing to many others. Currently, with my books and videos, I am teaching all those people who feel it, to contact their Spirit Guides and to accompany the Light to the souls that did not cross, in addition to other vitally important therapies.
Spiritual Dowsing is a tool, and not a technique, or a method ... that will lead you to self-knowledge. Without a doubt, a gift from Heaven that started from scratch 10 years ago and that today thousands of people follow and practice it almost all over the world, thanks to my Angels.
With all my love, I welcome you to RADIESTHESIA AND THE SPIRITUAL WORLD.
Ramón Fenoll Moreno

Testimonials and Recommendations

«MAGNIFICENT BOOK! 100% recommended to all of us who work in therapies and in some way the spiritual. Add my gratitude to Ramón, a beautiful soul. Your commitment, humility and great dose of love, thank you very much. "


«Fantastic book, whether you are starting in this world or if you are a professional. I've read it a couple of times, and I'm putting it into practice. Super recommended. »

Amazon Customer

«I bought this book without knowing that it would completely change my life. It is easy and enjoyable to read but at the same time very deep. I recommend it to all those who want to advance spiritually. "


«Libro muy recomendable
De fácil lectura y entendimiento ,.Imprescindible para quien se está iniciando en el mundo de la radiestesia y para los ya siendo avanzados en esta técnica , quieran adentrarse aún más en el mundo de la espiritualidad .»

Marien M.

«Es impresionante el contenido tan grande q tiene si lo entiendes a la primera, ya q es fácil de leer y comprender. Puntualizo en q hay q leerlo dos o tres veces pues siempre se queda un detalle importante a descubrir.
Buen libro Sr. Ramon»


"Magnificent explains everything very well and in detail I recommend it 100℅"


«A book that I recommend 100% If you have been looking for information on spiritual dowsing how to work with the pendulum for a long time, this book is the one you need. It shows that it is written from the heart, with very valuable information. I am very happy to have in my hands a book that will surely help thousands of people. Thanks to Ramon and Los Angeles for giving us this information. »


«It is a wonderful book, very easy to read, of course and that will open the mind a lot. I loved it!!!!"

Jose Ramón Tortosa Martínez

«I recommend 100% the course !!! My name is Joselyn and I live in Chile, I can say that coming to this course changed my life, I understood so many things ... Now as a family we all enter the true world of love, empathy and many other things ... Ramón is a wonderful being, who has incredible patience. Guys won't regret opening your mind to reality. "

Joselyn Aguirre